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Fjær og Jern
CD, 2011

Elegi for Roald Amundsen
DL/CDR, 2008

The Marhaug and Bøe Expeditions
MC, 2001

CDR, 2000

Fjær og Jern is out now!

“SnowSpirits and WindWalkers squealing through mouth and bone and throat and horn—a Lovely Haunt Cartoon!"
David Tibet

"as if WHEN's "the black death" was vacationing on the north ice cap"
Gylve Fenris Nagell

Fjær og Jern is a collection of some of Hornorkesterets best tracks and a great introduction to the band. It features arctic mood music performed on reindeer antler instruments, field recordings, and some fab guests including a recording of the voice of Fridtjof Nansen himself.

Get it from www.coldspring.co.uk or www.aquariusrecords.org

Gratis MP3 single with additional tracks commemorating 80 years since polar hero Roald Amundsen disappeared on the 18th of June 1928. The title track features polar hero Fridtjof Nansen on vocals and includes a live version of the title track.Also available in full CD quality from us directly.
The files are kindly hosted by TEKS.
Download all the tracks and cover art here.

The single just got a very positive review from Frans de Waard in VITAL WEEKLY#36

Hornorkesteret is a contemporary music group who uses instrument inventions such as stringed and bowed antlers, bones, ice, coffeepots, rocks, and various woods together with vocals, flutes, drums and field recordings, creating an epic music touching on subjects like polar exploration, ecology, the cyclic forces in nature, animal urges, and the norwegian mental and physical climate. Using spoken word, free improvisation, noise, folk, blues, drones and even rock'n'roll, they have performed in concerts, at gallery performances, in theatrical productions and on studio recordings with varying line-ups since established by Jonas Qvale in 1999.

Jonas Qvale
Tel. [+47] 48 15 36 54

Org. nr. 988 950 734
Gamleveien 12
1604 Fredrikstad

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